Hey! So I'm Admin M and I am 1/3 of M.A.C.

Hmm... what is there to say here?

I don't exactly know why I made a blog post when Admin C and I are the only ones on this wikia right now. So anyway, if you're neither Admin C nor Admin A then I thank you for reading this blog post. If you are one of them, I wanna tell you that I love you!

Well, I'm going to be playing Eleanor Calder.

If you want to know more about me, just keep reading. If you don't, you can comment on this blog post saying, "Hey!"

My Lil' Bio:

  • I'm 1/3 of admins M.A.C.
  • Black, red, blue are my favorite colors. (Yes, I know black is not considered a color but w/e!)
  • I used to write frequently but then a sudden turn of events stopped me from doing it.
  • I'm awkward and weird (but seriously, tell me someone who isn't).
  • I have no specific taste in music.
  • I have a long list of 'OTPs'.
  • I'm your typical fangirl.
  • I'm friendly, so come talk to me!
  • I'll be roleplaying Eleanor Calder (and possibly an OC)
  • I try to watch at least 2 YouTube videos everytime I have a laptop on hand. (below is a list of my fave YouTubers!)

Favorite YouTubers (I suggest you check them out!):

  • Ryan Higa
  • Charlie McDonnell
  • Smosh (Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla + Mari)
  • David Choi
  • Christina Grimmie
  • Joe Penna
  • Dominic Sandoval
  • Chester See
  • Kevin Wu
  • WongFu Productions (Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Phillip Wang)
  • Rhett and Link
  • Toby Turner
  • DeStorm
  • Kingsley
  • Michael Stevens
  • Tessa Violet
  • Christine Gambito
  • Natalie Tran
  • Alex Day
  • Phillip DeFranco
  • etc.

That's it, I guess. Read my next blog post, yeah?

~Admin M.